Improvements made to NACHI member's free

The “About Me” page now includes a reference to NACHI’s free online Electrical course having been taken by you.

The “About Me” page also includes a link at the bottom of the page directing visitors to your custom website (if you have one in

Also…reminder… you can make changes to your contact information on your free webpage at from Making a change in coveniently permits you to make changes on ALL NACHI owned websites at once including your free website at

Most excellent Nick.

Thank You


NACHI continues to go above and beyond, setting the standard higher.

I’m a little late getting here.
Thanks for the update.
I logged onto my webpage and my “About Me” has not posted the Electrical course I passed on 04-25-2006.
Is this something I have to moderate or is this handled by the webmaster?
Are plans in the works to also add the roof and CMI on this page?

I believe the roof is already there, no?

We only launched the free online electrical course to our membership requirements and so it is not there yet but will be soon.

CMI is not a NACHI membership requirement at all.

No to the Roof Exam and No to the Electric Exam as of this reply.

OK. I’ve emailed Chris to add both. Thanks! Nice catch.

Thanks again!
See you in June, bring your appetite.

Both the roofing and electrical courses have been added to the About Me section of your free websites at