Improvise, adapt, overcome!!!

Who cares if this old house doesn’t have any exterior receptacles? We’ll just add one. Right…about…here!
Plug in Panel.jpg

It is a test socket for computing voltage drop because the suretest is supplied with a cordrlb

I also don’t care for those 90 degree bends on those feed lines


Did you notice that this is a Zinsco panel?

Did we also notice the BLACK wires going to the Neutral Buss…Are they not smaller than 6 AWG…so…question to you is…WHAT color SHOULD they be…?..Certainly not BLACK…:slight_smile:

Here is a nice question…

This one is good for Mr Pope as well since he see’s ALOT of zinsco…

Q: At what point do you STOP putting down the safety issues and simply refer to the Electrical Contractor…?

A.) Should you WRITE all the defects you can find down?
B.) Write down to a certain point and then DEFER?
C.) Throw your hands up in the air and TORCH the place yourself?
D.) Take one look and DEFER it from the Git Go?

Look for some interesting comments on that question…

The correct answer is A, B, D and sometimes C. If we stick with any single answer (IMHO) we are not doing our job.

Zinsco’s are “problematic,” but that does not mean they are hazardous (simply by virtue of their brand).

lol…C only applies to the HOMEOWNER when they GET the estimate from the Licensed Contractor…lol…

BUT you got what I was going after Jeff…Adaption to the situation is something learned with experience…