In 2018 InterNACHI will be offering all of N. America free home inspections forever.

I have.

You mean the movie where one guy watches his brother get killed,his dad shot, and then at the end of the movie, he has all his competitors and enemies killed?

Seriously, you’re ready to compare the home inspection industry to mobsters, and killers?

But no.

Per Dan Huber and ISN, Porch only bought a stake in ISN.
Per ISN, the percentage of Porch’s ownership in ISN is a secret.
So ISN does not = Porch any more than Nick = Porch.

Unless Dan Huber lied and Porch did indeed buy 100% of ISN (which is of course, entirely possible).
But that’s never been stated as a fact by ISN, Dan Huber, or anyone at Porch.

Even if it is 100%, ISN is still running as a separate company.

ISN’s programmer, Chris, is would be the one the ask about how to integrate this program with ISN. Porch’s CEO wouldn’t know the answer any more than Mitt Romeny would know how much a guitar at Guitar Center sells for even though Mitt Romeny owns a chunk of Bane Capitol, which bought out Guitar Center several years back.

I don’t see it eliminating e&o for the fact that this Nachi program is strictly on the seller side of inspections. We are still on the hook for the buyer side inspections. I can see that it may lower premiums over time if the industry begins to shift from a buyer Inspection majority to a seller inspection majority.

That will not be happening anytime soon, if ever.

OK, this question has been asked numerous times in this thread, yet the answer Nick gives keeps changing.

Made a quick correction for you Chris… :wink:

I don’t see where it changed. I read through your quotes twice.

I don’t either. Even though these inspections have almost zero liability associated with them, you are still out there doing other home inspections.

In some of your answers you state clearly: We (InternACHI) choose our inspector. InterNACHI is the client and Internachi choose which inspector does the listing inspection.

Other answers you state the RE agent gets to choose the inspector that does the listing inspection (as long as it’s an InternACHI member), even though InterNACHI is the client.

We only choose our inspector and then incentivize everyone to choose an InterNACHI inspector from then on.

We choose our inspector, then the seller chooses the repair-verification inspector (hopefully you again), then the homebuyer chooses their own inspector (I’d prefer they choose an inspector other than the one we used, but I can’t stop them from hiring you again), then the seller chooses the inspector to inspect the house he/she is moving to (hopefully you again), then the listing agent chooses to recommend the inspectors to help their new clients that InterNACHI procured for them (hopefully you again), then those homebuyers ultimately choose their inspectors (hopefully you again), and if the listing agent loves the system which gave them real estate leads she will choose an inspector (hopefully you again) to inspect her next listing and it starts all over again.

InterNACHI can only get you one seller inspection. You have to succeed at sufficiently impressing the agents, the consumers who didn’t buy the home but now need home inspectors, and the sellers into using you again. InterNACHI can’t help ya much with that.

Thanks Stephen. I was trying to be kind, after all it’s Sunday. :mrgreen:

Then how come when asked:

You said:

Because according the answer you just gave, that is NOT correct.

If I tell an agent I have a relationship with I can get them a free sellers inspection that they otherwise would not not get, I want to do that inspection, not the guy down the street.

If I spend my advertising dollars to buy a booth at an RE event, and I put up a banner with my logo that says “free seller inspections” I want to get as many of those jobs as I can handle. Not the guy who didn’t put in the time and effort to get a booth.

But if Internachi chooses the inspector, not my agent/past clients, then I have no incentive to be involved, other than the occasional call I may get from this program.

Stephen S tried to help with your/our questions at post 142. :wink:

So am I understanding this correctly picking/choosing inspectors is going to work like the O.C. roof program?

Wow, that sure changed from what was originally insinuated. Wow, this gets worse by the day!

That would be different inspections than the ones we land for you. If you procure an agent that wants to do this, presumably she’d choose you. No? I can’t contemplate a scenario where you pitch this to an agent and she says “Thanks Ian, I’m in, can InterNACHI get me an inspector?”

Also how does this program generate extra revenue to Nachi for staff administrative/office employees needed to handle the 1000’s of inspections it is going to create? ie. paying inspectors, scheduling with agents

How has it changed and how do you think it is worse? Can you explain?

Because you’ve not explained clearly how it works.

But if I can pitch it, and I get the job, and InterNACHI will pay for it, then I’m in.

I just need to be 100% clear on the details so I can effectively plan my 2018 marketing, and be able to answer questions I’ll get asked by agents and clients.

We hope to automate it to the extend that almost all we have to do is figure out how to monetize parts of it enough to cover the InterNACHI members’ inspection fees to make it sustainable.