In case you hadn't noticed . . .

. . . today is 8-9-10.

And it will happen again next Year, 9-10-11:mrgreen:

My daughter was born on 3-21-00

8-9-10 will happen again on a different date Marcel??? really???

hahahahahahahahahahah :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, maybe I don’t get the joke. :wink:

hey Joe
Is this another NACHI membership benefit?
Will we all get a daily date reminder everyday?:shock::D:D

Nick probably pays Joe for every post he makes…

I think he must have a mercedes payment due on 8-9-10.

Yes, I noticed…

…and my Druid sect had a special celebration for the occasion.

10-10-10 is when all binary code malfunctions and planes fall from the sky.

Bob, that’s what they said about 01-01-01 and nothing happened.

Do they have a fourth of July in England?

Yes, but it happens about five hours before ours

On 12-11-10, we have to repeat today’s activities…in reverse.

It’s a big day for Joe. It was exactly 170 years ago, today, that the first ambulance was brought to America from Europe…creating the modern legal profession.

Personally I am waiting for 11-11-11 at 11:11 of course

Are you planning to lunch with a Veteran?

Hadn’t thought about it but actually I try to visit the Santa Barbara Veterans Memorial each year. My father’s Marine Corps flag is used in their tribute.