In favor of Brian Kelly...

as self appointed Non Member Message Board Moderation Czar

I agree. And, Brian Kelly is my nephew stationed in Germany. He is an MP for the Army. No relation, I hope.

i predict a landslide victory regardless of relation, location or branch of service

OK I voted

OK, I voted.

Brian, you better do a good job. ;):):smiley:

I voted. Just what BK needs. To spend more time inside huddled around his computer deleting non member posts.

Maybe another poll is needed.

How much will BK weigh at the end of a 1 year term as MB Czar? :mrgreen:

better stay on topic, sir, or you may be first :mrgreen:

My votes in. Hey Brian, what kind of beer do you drink?

I had to do it … What other options do we have :twisted:

be creative and come up with something :mrgreen:

i already did my part for all of humanity by starting the poll :cool:

I vote Mike Larson.
Always on the board anyway, and will keep him off the politics

It’s a tough job, but someone has to teach you political reality.:mrgreen:

Who taught you?

Google or was it Yahoo? :wink:


Been political junkie since I was a teen numbnuts.:mrgreen:

Off with their heads

Okay… you just earned my vote!!! :D:twisted::smiley:

both of them i presume

in a bottom up manner i hope :twisted:

Heck Jeffery I didn’t even vote for me. :smiley: