In God We Trust Challenged

Yes well deserved CMI:D

Read my post #6 here You need to get a life (job):shock:

I knew what you were doing.:shock:

Congrats Mr Cyr.

Do something about it little big man… If you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Dustin Hoffman.

I think your the one in the pretty hat.

I’m real sorry that you evangelical types feel that this forum is available for you to spread “the good book” but this is a HI site. period.


Seems to me that there are a lot of non-evangelical types that feel like the forum is available for them to spread “a bunch of crap” at this HI site as well. Don’t just single out the Evangelicals, that would be discriminatory. :mrgreen:

Grow up Mark, you well understand the politics of your “faith” just don’t expect everyone else to bow down to it!



That’s funny Gerry… I understand the politics of my faith, and I don’t expect everyone else to bow to it. I do expect everyone else to respect my rights as an American, and as a member of this organization to say or post anything I like in an appropriate thread. Period. So to throw the Grow up back in your face… Get off your high horse and if you don’t like the thread then leave…

Careful you will have the high & powerful Mikey Larson demanding a retraction. :mrgreen:

Then please start posting this kind of bollocks in the appropriate thread


Misc. Discussion Discuss whatever you wish in this forum.”

What part of “Discuss whatever you wish in this forum.” are you having a difficult time understanding?

Mark, if you had any sense at all you would know that the other forum was added expressly to keep this kind of BS out of the public arena, this kind of drivel does nothing for anybody other than to drive inspectors who care about this business away from our boards!


Gerry, if you had any sense you would understand the meaning of “whatever you wish.” Get over it. It’s not that big a deal.

How does an old thread resurrect itself on its 15 year anniversary? Maybe Gerry is telling us something from beyond the grave as to where this forum has headed.


Gerry hit the nail on the head with this post. It’s sad that the rules were “relaxed” so now we have people all over the board going on about their political and ideological views, telling us that contrails are really chemtrails that are a government plot to poison the public, are calling out politicians as pedophiles, and other bat shit crazy stuff that IMO, as well as Gerry’s opinion, belongs in the NFE section of the MB.


“Relaxed” or “Moderated” due to some being “Offended” by everyday “Iron Sharpening Iron…”?!!

As for the “NFE” section… it has been buried so deep it is near impossible to find, thus most here have never seen nor heard of it!!

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I agree, most now a days have no idea what it is/was.

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A playground for the mind. :grin:

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