In Memorial

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the events of 9/11/2001.

This country is not what it was on 9/10/2001.

We have lost many of our freedoms.

The NSA vacuums up our data and abuses our 4th amendment rights daily.

Join me in in this small effort to starve the beast and force change.

Everything worth doing must start somewhere.

9/11/2013: If You Care, This Is The Start

See you Thursday. :shock:

I’m with you.

Uh…I have to say I agree with you Nick.:wink:


Atta boy, Jim! :wink:

As Mike stated…

Nick, two questions:

  1. Are you saying all InterNACHI & other association sites will go DARK?

  2. If so will you be displaying the sticker in support?

More to raise your anger at what you have lost.

Ask yourself if you will get your rights back if you just sit there and do nothing.

NSA Phone-Records Spying Said to Violate Rules for Years](
By Chris Strohm - Sep 10, 2013 6:49 PM GMT-0500

Hey, at least we haven’t been invaded and occupied by a far away, much larger, foreign military (like 132 other countries).

Is is any less dangerous to have your own leaders steal your freedom?

Show your real support Nick.

Close the site down for 24 hours starting at midnight and post the pretty emblem from my posts.

Blind Disabled Girl Sings a Breathtaking Star Spangled Banner

She doesn’t understand the freedoms you once had. She grew up under the present tyranny.

Gee if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about because not a single one of us breaks any of the forced on us Nanny laws placed for our own good.
Just do what the government tells you and do not protest.

Watch this for 43 minutes on 9-11.

or this for 11…

I refuse to watch anything produced by a 9/11 conspiracy nutcase.

Here is someone who grew up under our “present tyranny”. In his song he states “You Are Judged by What You Do”.
That is the message that I’ve been trying to get across for the last several days. We all “Earn” our Reputation. The Reputation of InterNachi’s members are being harmed and diminished by some of the threads that have been posted in the Public Section.

Like the song says “You Are Judged by What You Do”! I want to be “judged” by what I Do… I want to be judged by what it has taken me a lifetime to accomplish!

  • I do not want to be judged “Guilty by Association”!

Listen to the song… see what this man is “trying to leave” and the message he is trying to convey to his son and to his family.


We all are going to have to fight to take back our country from our governments. Yesterday in Colorado, we successfully recalled two lawmakers who voted to support tyranny:

I am proud to have helped destroy their careers.

Have you ever been sitting in your living room watching your favorite football team playing against their most “vicious rival”? Even though you are not on the field “suited up” and playing … you are completely immersed in the game.
Have you ever been so involved that when “your team” made a touchdown you actually jumped up and shouted! Did you turn to a family member and give them a “high five”?

That is what happened at 12 noon today when my wife and I were watching the news:D

We saw the results of the “Recall Vote” in Colorado and we both shouted in absolute joy!

  • I applaud the people of Colorado who stood up to these power-hungry “crazies” who robbed their constituents of their liberties!

Politicians like the ones that were just voted out of office is one of the reasons that if my health permits I’m going to run for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives {I lost the last election by 67 votes. I was running on “name recognition” alone.}.
Or… run for the Senate!

{Our Sen. retired after 22 years. An unknown was elected last term. In order to run for the Senate I would need to raise a lot of campaign funds.}

There are too many “Lefty Loony” liberals who do not “Listen to the People” and just go off on a tangent and order do whatever the hell they want!


It was a glorious moment Frank.

We saw the results of the “Recall Vote” in Colorado and we both shouted in absolute joy!

I believe that it was not only a Glorious Moment in Colorado but that it was also a Glorious Moment from "Sea to Shining Sea "!

Kudos to you and each and every American citizen in your state who had the courage, strength, and the *Will *to stand up to these abusive tyrants!

I hope that the citizens of All States pay attention to what happened in Colorado! You and your fellow citizens showed that we still live in; The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave! You showed that we do not have to “Lie down and Take It”! We can and will fight those who seek to rob us of our freedoms!

Way to Go Colorado!:D:nachi::nachi: