In memoriam

It is with heavy heart I announce that OntarioACHI received the sad news from his wife Linda of the passing of Al Jodoin on Christmas eve, 2016. Al was just 60. Al was one of the first members of OntarioACHI and was a Certified Master Inspector here at InterNACHI as well.

Al began his career in the building industry working on building sites across Alberta. He later joined the Canadian Armed Forces where he started in the Land Forces and shortly thereafter moved into the Air Force where he became an Engine Technician. Al then decided to become a Flight Engineer where he continued his studies in the building industry while also traveling the world.

Al left the Canadian Armed Forces after 25 years of service to pursue a career at Air Canada as an instructor and Flight Safety Specialist. Once in Ontario, he became involved with century homes and furthered his career in the building industry by taking a home inspection course and becoming an inspector.

Al then choose to share the knowledge he had gained by becoming an instructor at the Certified Adult Training Services school.

Al leaves behind his wife Linda, four children and six grandchildren.

He was a shining light for continued professional development, and a true Gentleman. He will be missed.

Apologies, I should have posted the link to Al’s obituary page.