In memory of the children murdered in the Oklahoma City and Waco terrorist attacks.

God bless them.

Today is the anniversary of both tragedies.

God bless them all.

Did not realize the Branch Davidians were considered Terrorists??

I believe that the reference was to the Clinton Justice Department.

That is Wing Nut Seditious talk and has no place here…

Well, when children are killed under the warrant of the Justice Department, what else would you call it?

This political crap does not belong here in the main part of a Home Inspection Message Board…Is what I call it… :twisted:

I totally agree Brian.

Oh, well, that’s probably true. I was merely responding to your post.

What else would you call religious whack jobs who torched children Brian?

and you’re right this crap belongs in NFE


I do not want to go there either Gerry here in the Main Message area…

Hey, did you learn a new word today??

Just kidding, I agree.

You know, you’re right.

BUT: it’s like I explained to our beloved leader many years ago if we are going to keep allowing the BS in this part of the board, then he should accept all opinions, so, exercising my 1st amendment rights I will feel free to post on any and all my beliefs in future in this area.

So, how do we feel about my: pro-slavery, anti-religion, anti gun, Pro-choice, extreme Socialist/liberal/right wing leanings being pontificated on here in the public area.

Hell man it’s my right (some Geezers back 250 odd years ago told me it’s my right), even if I don’t own the site :wink:

How’dyer like them Apples?


Gerry… slowly back away from the Black & Tan. You better watch out, BK is likely to start a poll about this. :wink:

The thread wasn’t meant to be political.

I was only trying to pay respects to the many innocent children, who on this date, April 19th, were either murdered by ATF and FBI agents in Waco or murdered by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, in retaliation.

God bless those innocent children.

Im with you Nick. God bless the innocents.
Dick Morris Bombshell: How Reno Blackmailed Clinton With Waco

Morris worked in the Clinton White House during the Waco Siege. He just let this
bomb fall out of his comments recently. Nick Gromicko is correct in his comments.

aka… Janet “The Butcher of Waco” Reno.

God bless the little children that perished in TX and OK.


The FBI reversed a long-held position yesterday and admitted that agents fired incendiary devices into the Branch Davidian compound during an April 1993 siege before it was destroyed by fire, killing 86 sect members, including 24 children.

Bureau officials said they regretted misleading Congress and the   public...

Watch this video

Well said… not do us a favor and get rid of the Avatar likeness… it makes you look some sort of a strange blue rat.:mrgreen:

Every thread now??? Really??? WTF is wrong here???

If you have a few hundred followers and are only suspected of child abuse, the government calls you a “cult,” drives a tank through your front door, burns your church to the ground, and murders everyone inside.

If you have millions of followers, are known to rape thousands of children, and your leader has the nerve to visit our President wearing a dress and bright red women’s shoes, the government calls you a “church,” and gives you a tax exemption.