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Ok I am one of the many posters on here looking to get in the HI business. Before my questions Come let me give a little background info.

I am 29 year old, living in Mississippi while wife finishes up college. I have 4 years of college put away. I am EPA certified class 1 AC tech. where I worked for a great company in central Fla. Then I moved to Gville, Fla where I spent over a year in the AC field doing load calcs and new construction estimation. Got engaged and needed to move to be with wife’s schooling. Mississippi where I ended up didn’t need Load calcs done on home for permitting. Didn’t want to head back out into field as a tech. So I got a job with a national pest control company as a termite inspector/salesman. After being trained and working for 7 months the company decided it needed to scale back cost and got rid of full time sales positions. A friend of mine in new home loans suggested with my experience I look into HI field. I love what I see but I torture myself over big decisions.

Will be moving back to Fla central area after wife graduates with college in Aug 2004. Should I start studding Home Inspections here in Ms before I go to Fla or wait. I am looking for a temporary job no matter what I do till then. My family is concerned and doesn't want me taking a risk in starting a company being green in the field. But if there is not a HI company in the area I move to that will higher me what else can I do.

I have been reading the Fla legislation going on in the Fla house and not sure which way to think since I am new to this field. If anyone from Fla has any suggestions on what I should do to further prepare for the future in HI in Fla I would appreciate it considerably.

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I am in Central Fl also. Although I am not currently working as a home inspector, I have done a lot of research. I would definitely suggest starting to study as soon as possible. You can do it through a school or own your own. At least that way you will have a good base and can learn the basics at your liesure. To try to cram it all in once you get here could make it tougher to learn.