IN? NI? Both?

Had an inspection this morning where the furnace was in the garage, but I couldn’t get to it as the owner had some boxes and furniture stacked in front of it. Then a Porsche Boxster against all of that.

So, I mark 3.0 Heating Equipment as NI, and make the appropriate comment with pic regarding inspection restriction.

My conundrum is when I get to 3.3 Distribution Systems. I was able to inspect most of what this entails, except for the furnace fan and air filter. Normally, this is the section where I kindly explain where the filter is, the size, when and how to change it, etc. Can’t do it in this case, of course.

So, how to mark 3.3? The best that I can come up with is that I should mark both IN and NI, and make the inspection restriction comment again as in 3.0. I definitely want this noticed.

I also think that I should force at least 3.0 to show up in the Summary to make sure that it is not overlooked.

How would you deal with this?

Don’t let the software dictate your reporting methodology.

I use HG, and have changed the template to account for various real world data entry.

List what you can and can’t inspect, and why you couldn’t inspect those areas. Given the fact that you didn’t or couldn’t inspect the furnace, I imagine someone will be looking at it before the option period expires; have the distribution system checked at that time.


Thanks, Dominic. You are right.

I recently started using HomeGauge, and knew that I would at some point heavily modify the template when I wasn’t so busy.

But, it’s costing me more time to adapt to the template as-is than I want.

Guess what I’ve been doing all day. Thanks for your input and push.

Let DISTRIBUTION be ducts, etc

LET the blower, filter, etc be at THE furnace which was NI

Hi Philip,

If you would like, you could send me your email address I’ll send you a image of how I have my Heating & Cooling Section setup on my template.

Dan: Yes, I re-wrote the template to include an air filter and fan integral to the furnace, while still having the option to have fans and filters externally down the line in the distribution system (e.g., duct boost fans, filters in return grills). Appreciate your input.

Dave: Email sent…and thank-you. I sent you a screenshot of mine, too.

Phil, Just sent you my reply…let me know if I can help!