In search of some additional hands-on training

Hey everyone,

I am currently in the “waiting” phase of beginning my career as a Home Inspector. I just left my career in LE and completed the 120 hour course. I also took a 3-day hands on learning course and will be attending the InterNACHI HOH next month. I passed my NHIE a few days ago and I’m just waiting for my application to go in front of the NH board in May for approval, hopefully.

So my question is, does anyone knows any inspectors that are willing to have a shadow for a week or two?

I am currently in the Southern New Hampshire area, but I will travel, since I know most inspectors around here are definitely NOT willing to train a competitor. I have sent a few inspectors emails, with no response. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Come to Okla I can train you!!! Just kidding Good luck with your new career;-)

LOL! I appreciate the response though… I actually have family in OKC, so if you were a bit closer, I would totally take you up on that offer!!

Im also in the “waiting” phase. I continually check my face when getting back into my truck after each realtor/receptionist interaction to make sure I havent come down with chicken pox. This is due to the non verbal cues Ive been getting after each encounter. Is this the phase you’re referring to? I may be exaggerating a bit, or not… Hang in there, I here it gets better. :slight_smile:

Join the Inspector Brotherhood facebook group and you will likely find someone there. Tell them I sent ya :slight_smile: Good Luck

LOL!! I haven’t started that phase yet… but I’m sure I will get the lobster crawling out of my ears look a lot! HA HA. I can’t wait. I am waiting for my license from the state, should be next week, so after that I will start marketing to the agencies around the area.

Hey Charley Bottger,

I am sending you an email, since I will be out in OKC visiting family next week. Would love to tag along for an inspection or two??

I have a inspection in OKC today to bad your not already here:D I have two scheduled for this Friday I may be able to reschedule one of them for Monday they both would be good trainers

Jenna I rescheduled one of my Friday inspects to Monday if ya want to do it give me a call

Off topic Just checking out your website Jenna, Looks great so far. However, I’d change the testimonials to something else for the time being as the ‘filler’ text is still there.