In the attic

Hope someone can help me with what these mounds in an attic might be. They stand about 2 feet high with a bottom diameter of about 3 feet. Mostly made out of straw/hay and field grasses. Location is just north of Brighton Ontario Canada in a century home. I’ve never seen anything so big in an attic - No critters at the time of the inspection.

More than likely squirrel nests…

Starlings …Nice size seen a couple just like it .

Love those Starlings.

Oh no! Another attic beaver dam :slight_smile:

I think starlings too…

Wow those birds sure make big nest.

Here is a huge one:

LOL kinda freaks you when you find them , ou always wonder what is lurking .

Birds…well occasionally martians…but usually just birds…

yup those little birds are over-achievers all right.

I recommend all Homies wear a good respirator Mask when going into attics](

[FONT=Times New Roman]Inhalation of Fecal Dust[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]As bird feces and/or the contaminated soil it rests on, dries or is disturbed, microscopic pieces break off and become airborne. These airborne particles can contain dormant fungi and/or bacteria. When breathed into the lungs, the warm, moist environment of the lung lining provides a breeding ground for the infectious agents. Common symptoms of this type of infection are flu like in nature: coughing, elevated temperature, restricted breathing and general body fatigue, and last roughly two to four days. The vast majority of the time, the bodies defenses will contain the invaders even before minor symptoms appear but in a small percentage of cases, major infection causing long term disability and even death occurs. It is worth noting that there is no known medical cure for internal fungal infections. After the Northridge earthquake, several thousand people came down with flu like respiratory symptoms. The ailment was called Valley Fever and was caused by people breathing in dust and airborne debris filled with histoplasmosis spores and related fungal agents stirred up by the earthquake[/FONT]

Looks like penguin nests.

in that case, really insensitive, those little guys getting all the way up to the attic like that…

Perhaps you should look into the penguin attic stairs and slidethat is available on the market.:wink:

Thanks everyone. You learn something new every day - Over all consensus is Starlings…
One would wonder why a small bird needs such a large nest.