In the last two months...

We found 3 recalls, which in total, resulted in 162 fires that caused property damage. 7 were described as extensive property damage. 4 injuries were associated with the recalls including 3 smoke inhalation injuries and one serious hand laceration. We provided the number our clients need to call to get these appliances repaired for free.

Two clients thanked me for the discounts we help them get on alarm systems.

1 client benefited from the 90 day warranty. AHS declined his claim and of course the 90 day warranty we provided him covered it.

We want to be there when our clients need us. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure I would have heard if there was another. In my opinion, the numbers of claims should stay that low.

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Hmm. Another actual user (someone that is actually in the business/doing business) satisfied with your products. What will the haters say? You know, the ones not in the business and/or the ones with no business.

We are only interested in what our clients say :slight_smile:



I believe an anonymous letter to some bureaucrat in the Virginia State government is required here. There is no way that client satisfaction can be the appropriate way to run a business :slight_smile:

Well we are definitely guilty of client satisfaction :slight_smile: I have a ton of evidence to prove it :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest


We did received the inspection report and have both reviewed it.  The report was surprisingly easy to read and the photos really added to understanding what items need to be addressed.   We feel very confident that the house was thoroughly inspected from top to bottom and we appreciate you taking the time to check every inch possible!  Thanks for your time and we will definitely recommend your services to anyone needing an inspection!

Thanks a bunch
Tom and Lindsey Reilly