In the shower or outside the shower switch

It was a claw foot tube with a wrap around curtain. Anyone want to take a crack at it? :smiley:
I honestly don’t know what to say, is it in or out?

Outside but in the splash area.
I am assuming no shower ?

Do you need a key for that door?;):slight_smile:

Yes shower, but it has a curtain Bob! Picky picky…

and yes you need a key Marcel.

It’s in the zone.

Sweet, I add that pic in my report. :smiley: thanks Chris!

Sean, obviously they are using a slide bolt for a lock meaning they don’t have a key for that old lock.

You can peak in the room with those locks and I still have one of those keys kicking around somewhere. :mrgreen:

That is what I meant to say. :slight_smile:

Good grapghic Chris, thanks. :slight_smile:

That graphic is trying to show the footprint of the tub. That switch is not over the footprint of the clawfoot tub. The same zone is defined for hanging fixtures above a tub or shower.

It sure looks awfully close to me.

They dont have to move it, but its advised in my report as such. Nothing like knowing the only thing between you and a hot plug is a shower curtain.

You could always go with this as well. Only 4.72 hurry while supplies last.

Uhhhhh, guys, you need to pay very close attention to the fine print in that graphic!!! It means something!!!