In the small claims court of nova scotia

Nova Scotia Law suit

Interesting. Thanks Roy. Defining the report as a risk assessment tool is telling and accurate.

Yes, thanks Roy.

I like that phrase… “risk assessment tool”.

I find it interesting that no SOP or professional association was referenced so the judge could not compare the inspection to a SOP.

Thanks Vern.
I saw that too and wondered was this a good thing or bad thing .

Could it have influenced the decision ,I wonder?

(29) There was no evidence introduced in this case by either party concerning the industry standards relating to home inspectors in the Province of Nova Scotia.

(32) As indicated previously, the standards of practice of home inspectors in Nova Scotia or any other relevant professional association were not admitted into evidence in this proceeding.

(33) The standard of care to which a home inspector is held is the standard of care that is expected of a reasonably prudent home inspector.

IMHO, these statements indicate that this industry is still quite a ways from being considered “mature”! More like an adolescent teenager with a lot of growing up to do!

So do you think it the industries Fault,
Or could it be the Purchases fault expecting a lot of Information for a very minimal expense .
I think the court could see the purchaser expected to get a lot of information in a very short time and a very low cost.
Until we all understand just how much information can be gathered in a short time for very little cost.
I feel the Inspector gave the inspection that was paid for.
If people want more they should pay more and allow the inspector more time to supply what the public wants.

I checked my prices at that time (2005) and his rate was within the range being charged then.

You seem to find fault with many things on various posts .
You do not seem to have made many posts on how to improve our industry.
Why do you not post some of your ideas .

You have** started 51 posts** and made 3848 remarks on what others have posted .
You seem to love to use others, information to pick apart.

Thank you for sharing!

a home inspection is not a guarantee,
it is a risk assessment tool.

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre