In the state of Florida is a residential home inspector allowed to do just a inspection on just the deck nailing and shingles install or is this more of a code inspection?

A construction company asked me if I could do an inspection on the job they did re shingling a roof. Am I allowed to do the nailing of the shingles or is this a job for code inspection?

You can do anything you have knowledge of.
They should have already had the AHJ sign off if it was installed correctly.
My question would be WHY they want you to do it…I smell a rat.

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What do you mean by smelling a rat? I was really confused by them asking me to just do this. I am rather new to inspection but I have not gotten a request like this before.

Why would a construction company want a home inspector to check shingle nailing?..

I was more thinking of what could their motive be?

That is the question.

Do you know the required shingle nailing pattern?
You will most likely be in the attic looking at the sheathing .

You need to change the tile of this thread. From what I gather from you it isn’t re-nailing the shingles.

I just called them back, he informed me that they are new to doing this, as in this is their first first jobs in the area at least. They are wanting me to report on the sheathing nailing pattern and then the shingle pattern nailing which to my knowledge is the manufactures suggestions.

Any Florida contractor should know this…
How are you going to verify the sheathing nailing pattern? Do you have a Zircon?
In addition, If this job is completed the roofing code inspector should have signed off if the patterns were correct.

I do have a Zircon, but it sounds like they want me to go out there before they shingle over the decking. Then going out there again after shingles are installed. I apologize bout the title, when I talked to them for just a few minutes over the phone before that was what they were asking for but now that is more information.

I wouldn’t do it unless I got $350 or more for 2 trips.
Sheathing nailing …4 inch on the edges and 6 in the field. On my homes I use the 4 inch spacing on all roof sheathing.
I find it hard to believe a Florida contractor doesn’t know the nailing patterns.
It sounds like he needs a fall guy.

First I just want to say I really appreciate you responding and discussing this with me. I am really skeptical to this and that is why I came on here to ask. In the end though it should be just a code inspector verify all of their of roofing anyways right?

The code inspector is required to inspect it. That is IF they pulled a permit.
What city are you located?

Im located in Ocala but they will have the jobs to be inspected in the Villages.

We are not to far away…
Villages the city of the gray!

I used to do plumbing work for the villages so I know all about it. He might be calling you soon too then.

I’d call him a dumba*ss and that would be the end of that.:laughing:

Lol :laughing: it just sounds like they are unsure of themselves because they are just starting but I also have the feeling of something more going on here. But I am new and needing all the jobs I can get so I at least had to consider it.

Just stick to home inspection for a while as to build your knowledge base.
If I can ever be of any help just let me know.
I’m in High Springs.