"In your face"

**Amazing! I did a home inspection yesterday where the exhaust stack from the gas furnace was disassembled and laying in the attic space after the new roof was installed in 2005. The roof penetration was closed off with newer plywood decking. This is a case where the defect is so blatant and “in your face” that it took me a minute to realize just what I was looking at—I couldn’t believe it. After hurricane Ivan hit our area in 2004 a lot of new roofs were installed without benefit of any permit or county inspection. The home has been occupied since the new roof was installed and the occupants were subjected to potential carbon monoxide poisoning each time the furnace came on. **




The roofers were re-roofing so many homes that the exhaust was not a priority.

Don’t they have municipal building inspectors checking their work?

I’d tell the Realtor to inform the neighbors…

I found that also , home owner didnt even know, another favorite are stove exhaust that go outside cut off in the attic space. i think i have found at least 10 of those. And then you have the vent stack just cut off, I guess roofers feel it is to hard to work around so cut it off lol

That makes sense… Be lazy and kill the homeowners.

A lot of the roofers go through after storms around here, Half them are from different states and are fly by night . Slap it on move on to the next victim . There was one case little old lady paid 8.000 , they only shingled the front of the home. She couldn’t get out to check
They went after them but they moved out of town .You should see some of these fellows .

What a disgrace.

The consumers are getting burnt and the municipal building inspectors can easily avoid this.

Some counties do not have any inspectors here David , in some area’s you do not require a building permit.

I love Massachusetts regulations. Our residents are always protected when contractors show up.


Also, have the homeowner inform the neighbors. You can also create an inexpensive postcard and pass them out. You could save someone’s life.

I agree Rick, in a situation like that, where it could be spread throughout the neighborhood, take the initiative to inform them yourself. I would do this myself, not rely on the realtor to do it, it probably won’t happen if you do it that way.

Don’t be shy!

I don’t know if you have permits and inspections in the Panhandle - I would assume that you do. That was a big problem down here is South Florida after Wilma. The permits are pulled, but the inspectors do not inspect. I do not know of one city inspector that stuck his head in an attic. There are rows and rows of miss nailed trusses down here, not to mention things like vent stacks being closed off in the attics. The city inspectors hold no liability for their inspections. I understand that they were overworked, but that is no excuse. The problem we have as inspectors is that when we find a problem like this, the seller always comes back with - “well, the city inspected it and passed it”. They don’t have, or don’t want to have the mentality that these inspections are (most times) a formality. Proof with pictures mean nothing to them. All we can do as inspectors is reprot and hope our clients listen to us.

Also contact the Fire Department if there is no building inspector.