Inaccessible Water Heater

Sometimes I wonder. . .

What, exactly, were they thinking?



Maybe it used to be the Outhouse, no sense in building more additions…](*,)

That residence had to have a Zinsco!..go ahead Jeff, toss it in…:|__)

Actually, no. It was an old Crouse Hinds that had been plastered over. It was inaccessible as well. . .


Ahhhh…a little Syracuse NY nostalgia…:smiley:

They were thinking they did not want the nosy HI looking at their water heater.:slight_smile: (or hot water heater for you Jeff):stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a harden bunker so when the W.H. explodes from the lack of a TPR valve it only takes part of the house with it.:smiley:

Incredible! :roll:

Could be an old smoke house for drying and flavoring meat;-)

Ha, Jeff!

Mine’s a designer water heater.
Much more beautiful than yours.
Na na na na na na.

01 Water heater D.jpg

01 Water heater D.jpg

01 Water heater D.jpg

01 Water heater C.jpg

01 Water heater B.jpg

Gotta love it. . .

Looks like hot water heaters are installed as an after thought down there.:stuck_out_tongue: