INACHI CEUs to State of Illinois CEUs

Convert your 2013-2014 INACHI CEUs to State of Illinois CEUs

IL CEUs are necessary for license renewal

Take a Proctored Exam offered by INACHI-IL Chapter.

We offer big savings for everyone taking the **CE **exams this year and you avoid the last minute rush of trying to get credit before your license expires. 

NOTE: **ONLY inspectors completing ** INACHI Courses and filing out the on-line state CEU request form are contacted about IL CEU exams.

NACHI Chicago now offers proctured.
All 200 or so courses will be able to be taken as well as live classes.

Join us today.

Or Take The Proctored Exams At Your Local Library For FREE.

The Quality Education course was great and took it at the local library free of charge.

What are your big savings??


**$97.00 for a Quality Education Course **is hardly “FREE”.
INACHI on-line course - FREE to INACHI members and Exam fee covers ONLY expenses. Everyone who passes the on-line final exam is invited to convert their NACHI CEUs to Illinois CEUs.

Where did you get the $97.00 price from?

INACHI courses are NOT free. We have to pay a yearly membership fee to take these courses.

If I have to pay twice (pay again to take a proctored exam) I’d rather pay someone else, such as QE, to take a different course, with a different perspective, taught by someone other than Nachi.

What are your big savings?

Quit acting like a gd salesman and answer the simple straight forward question. If you think people will rush to sign up by being cryptic, your wrong. You guys apparently can’t beat other vendor’s offers.


Class Fees ** are as follows (***purchasing multiple classes saves money!):
one live class for 3 CE hours:
two live classes for 6 CE hours:
$184.00 (save 5% over regular price for 2 classes)
three live classes for 9 CE hours:
* (save 10% over regular price for 3 classes) **
four live classes for 12 CE hours:

INACHI courses are FREE to dues paying members and exams are based on cost to provide exams, location fees, maintaining records, posting results etc.
PLEASE NOTE: “Take The Proctored Exams At Your Local Library For FREE.”
Not all libraries are free and some only provide free proctoring to people in their library district. Some (not all) charge by the hour + number of exams +
a proctoring fee.
None of those commenting have ever taken a INACHI Proctored exam.
All that have are more then satisfied.
ONLY inspectors completing INACHI Courses and completing the on-line state CEU request form are invited to the IL CEU exams.

“You guys apparently can’t beat other vendor’s offers.” We are not a “Vendor” We are a NFP Chapter providing only CEU credits. Take a INACHI course and you will see.

It cost me $200.00 to take the NACHI proctured exam Through AlbertaNachi. I did check into having the local library do it for me and they wanted $350.00.

Yes, I have in fact taken an INACHI proctored exam… with Ken S.

Those that have commented have been given info on the cost of the exams as well…by the proctor.

We realize that the courses online for INACHI are ‘free’…paid by our membership dues. It’s what the INACHI proctors are charging that completely erase this savings. Going to another organization/vendor and paying for online classes ends up being cheaper.

You apparently don’t have a structured pricing for exams and just let the proctors charge whatever they think they can get. Which is the basis for a majority of the complaints on taking a INACHI proctored exam.