INachi graphic request thread

CSST bushing/grommet graphic as mentioned here:

Also, a water softener improperly tapped into sanitary drain one would be great along with one that shows the proper way to do it (with an air gap, trap, etc.)

A house wrap picture would be swell, as well :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

Can this image get an update? It’s hard to read. It can be found on the How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion course. Thank you

This one too.

AC condensate trap graphic also would be nice…

Would this work for you? Easy enought!

The trap needs a clean-out. Those darn things get full of muck and clog, and it’s impossible to get a coat hanger through it! :|.)

The one in Roy’s graphic must be restricted… the water level is too low in the trap!

CK is on vacation this week, but when he returns, he’ll work on building them.

Appreciate it!

Some other ideas:

-Gas meter clearance graphic
-Don’t vent bath fan to soffit graphic
-Venting bath fan out sidewall (best practice)graphic
Proper crawlspace vapor barrier graphic showing fastened to walls and seam tape
-Proper crawlspace/basement sill insulation (not fiberglass batts)
-Graphic showing why crawlspace/basement sill is a vulnerable area with air transfer
-No tees on horizontal plumbing drain lines graphic

Hundreds more to come :smiley:

  • Proper flex ducting strapping graphic
  • Proper flex ducting installation graphic
  • Plumbing vent to small/frost closure graphic
  • S-trap to P-trap conversion graphic
  • Metal column attachments at beam and floor graphic

CSST bonding graphic

Meter base J-block for vinyl siding or any J-block graphic(s)
Steel post column top plate dishing graphic
Hose bib pitch graphic

Footing drain tile graphic

I’m on it!

Rubber roof defects/conditions like ponding, ripples, wrinkles, and “alligatoring”
Window hermetic seal failure/causes graphic
Gas fireplace safety damper clamp graphic
Ceiling fan clearance-to-floor graphic

Cool, thank you!

KO flashing with vinyl siding
KO flashing with no mention of what type of siding

Will these work?




Are these yours? Copyrighted? The whole point of this thread is useable graphics from a paid membership @ Inachi that we can legally use how we fill fit.
I was sued a few years ago for using an image off the net/google.

Safety eyes 6 inch max from garage floor graphic
Safety reverse graphic
Fierwall breaches examples graphic