INachi graphic request thread

(Joshua L. Frederick) #21

Exterior door lighting requirements graphic
Interior switched lighting requirement graphic

(John Shishilla) #22

Ridge vent on roof with end cap and an end cap

(Joshua L. Frederick) #23

Detached building remote distribution configuration with GES graphic (show 4 wires from main panel)
Overhead electric wire (and drip loop) clearances

(Gary M. Baldridge, TREC#10313) #24

A graphic showing window size and height for access and egress from bedroom first and second floor

(Joshua L. Frederick) #25

Pull-down attic firewall breach fix graphic
AC condenser 1 ft. clearance from structure graphic
Various old age/defective asphalt shingle graphic (cracks, worn granules, curling, etc.)
Various stone veneer siding defects graphic
B-vent storm collar sealant graphic (where to seal)
Importance of kick-out flashing graphic (show moisture entry point & down inside of wall or on exterior sheathing)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #26

Anti-tip oven bracket (and where it’s installed) graphic
A proper dishwasher drain installation graphic when installed at a remote location and not beside the sink
A corrugated drain graphic (showing debris susceptible to clogging at ridges)
An ideal sump pump disharge at the exterior (sloping down & out away from foundation)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #27

Overhead garage door manual release break-in prevention graphic (showing to use a zip tie and where to put it)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #28

Loose toilet graphic (causes and fixes)
Toilet clearances graphic (front and sides)
Ideal bath fan placement graphic (near bathing vessel or whatever emits steam)
Ideal shower pan installation graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #29

Plumbing wyes on vertical lines graphic
Gap between drip edge and gutter fix graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #30

Plumbing vent boot proper installation graphic (only bottom edge exposed, don’t seal bottom edge, etc.)
Fiberglass batt backward installation graphic (problems, warnings, etc.)
Vinyl siding J-block graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #31

Dryer vent exhaust hood screen graphic (don’t screen due to lint collection)
3-prong and 4-prong dryer cords/receps graphic (difference/old/new)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #32

Driveway/sidewalk mudjacking graphic
Siding too close to grading fix graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #33

How to properly insulate recessed lighting in the attic graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #34

Insulating high efficiency vent pipes in attic graphic

(Bryce W. Jeffrey, CMI) #35

Heritage home floor drain showing the ‘bell trap’ assembly without trap (open sewer connection)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #36

Downspout from upper roof to lower gutter graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #37

Water heater hot/cold water pipes/risers clearance from vent graphic
Diaphragm sump pump switch (how it works) graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #38

Rooftop dryer vent installation graphic

(Joshua L. Frederick) #39

Pointed screws not to be used at electrical panel graphic (showing screw damaging wire)

(Joshua L. Frederick) #40

Deck ledger attached directly to beveled siding graphic