INACHI Library of Books

Wow!!! This has got to be the best collection of Books I have ever got my hands on.
I will be reading for some time to go through all of them.

This definitely shows how much work the Inachi staff and Nick download into this Association to help members.

I received this from Nick for helping making an Index for the Mastering Roof Inspection Series.

Please all, take advantage of all the work the Inachi Staff and especially Kenton Shepard spent on putting this whole inspection library together.

Tons of information on how to inspect roofs.

And I hope that the index will help you find what you are searching for a little more quickly.
You can view here;

Thank you Nick and Inachi for compensation beyond my expectations.

Take a look at this.

I will be months expanding my knowledge with all this great information. :):smiley: