INACHI Member of the Year/Gromicko Award Nominations 2008


I second that motion!

Dale Duffy… Thanks for this I Really appreciate it and Thanks you too Marcel.
I will try and live up to this Nomination.
Many great Home Inspectors have been nominated for this award and I am honored to be part of this Group
Roy Cooke


8 ethical complaints against him in one year…what a joke.

James Bushart for Loser of the Year Award!

Come on guys, this is where we honor members.

I was under the impression that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Roy is an excellent choice for this award!

Real nice of you to do this.

You would not last long in the Construction Arena.

Ya look what happen to Jimmy Hoffa! :mrgreen:


Though you may not agree with James, there is a cloud over much if this at this point in time.


Not to bust your chops but either the man did or did not violate **Code of Ethics. **Seems this has drug on long enough for a formal decision by the ESOP to have been made on at least one of the alleged infractions.

What say ye or them?


I brought in three ad-hoc members to replace those who have been recused.

Its “them” at this point.

Thanks for the update. I know you are doing the best for all with what you have to work with.

The physics of any structure prove the foundation always bears the brunt of the weight. Keep up the great work.
Stay well my Bro’! :mrgreen:

Good Afternoon Esteemed InterNACHI Members,

I do not read or post on this great site often enough, primarily because I am busy and also I do not have alot of time.
However, it has come to my attention that nominations for the inspector of the year have begun.
Well I felt I would be remiss if I did not voice my option.

I am a relatively new NACHI member and therefore do not understand all the in and outs of the nomination process. But contrary to public option that doesn’t make me any less knowledgeable about what makes a desirable recipient of the honour of “Home Inspector of the Year”

In my option there can only be one person worthy of such an award.

Mr. Roy Cooke

Roy took me under his tutelage when many saw me as a threat, he saw me as an opportunity to impart his knowledge on someone else worthy of that knowledge.
Roy has been completely selfless when it has come to my training and continued education along the road to experience and skill. He continually sends me information, copies things that would be useful, is a sounding board when I am not 100% sure of my own knowledge and skill. The things he has taught me would have taken years to acquire and with much stress and self doubt.
And while I view Roy as my own personal guardian angel, the truly remarkable thing is that he is willing to spend the same amount of time and effort with anyone willing to put in the time. I am not the first mentored and won’t be the last, but in my own way think of myself as the best he has ever produced. And let’s not forget one thing. I would not be the Inspector I am today if it hadn’t been for Roy Cooke.
Just to put it into perspective, Roy is a full time Inspector, mentor, gardener, husband and great guy, and he happens to be 72 years old.
I can only hope to be that active and involved when I’m his age.

If there is a more deserving member, you’ve got a difficult task ahead of you !!!

Steve Burke
Steve Burke Home Inspection

What a guy.

I have learned today that one of the nominees, for one of the awards to be given, actually contacted the person who nominated him, and asked (pointedly) for said nomination, for doing something and in a category undeserving. The nominating party had no knowledge. The nominee, on the other hand, knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and claiming.

This person knows who he is, and I would be happy to expose this if he does not choose to do what is right and pass his nomination to along to that person who is truly deserving of the recognition this imposter seeks.

I have permission from the nominator of this person to move forward with this information should proper recognition not be given.

The individual perpretrating this little fraud is starved for attention, and his actions prove that. For now, I am keeping my mouth shut until he decides whether he will do the right thing.

I wont wait forever.

This person who is soliciting nominations that he does not deserve…does not also happen to serve on the committee that selects winners for these awards, does he?

Ahhh Joe, the drama, the suspence, just like the daily soaps, dang it, now I gotta wait to find out who it is after I’m done with my next inspection. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

If this turns out to be true, Joe, it would have to be added to the pile of ethics complaints that are already piled up against this “helpful” fellow.

How desperately low does one have to be to cheat in order to receive an award that no one cares about in the first place?

The Untouchables Doing What They Do Best Influencing, Conflicts Of Interest And Bullying. Bend The Rules And Force Your Opinions On A Committee You Have No Business Sticking Your Nose Into. But We All Know How The Esop Goes About Its Business! Whose Running This Organization Nick Or The Untouchables?