iNACHI needs to change

in preparation for “The Change We Need”. Here are a few ideas to start. I’m sure we can build on it to make iNACHI the utopia that we all know it can be.

Some of us inspectors are completing more inspections than others. That needs to change. 250 sounds like a good number so anyone that does 250 inspections has to stop inspecting and give your inspections up to a pool so the less fortunate among us can do better.

iNACHI dues are too low. We need to pay higher dues so that the proceeds can go to new social programs like insurance for members that don’t have it or giving out thermal imaging cameras to poorer inspectors. Yes, they won’t read the directions and will break them but we’ll feel better for doing it, trust me.

We give away too much free stuff to inspectors that are already rich so if you are a rich member you can still join but you have to pay more and you get less free stuff.

We should have a membership drive where members can be paid for bringing in new registrants. Just bring in the card and iNACHI will pay you. I’ll start. I’m bringing Vincent Price and Elvis on board.

Did you ever notice that we don’t seem to have many terrorist members? We should be more diverse than that. What is with this “MEMBERS ONLY” wall. We should let anyone in that can surf here. Mr. Gomicko, tear down that wall. Tests? We don’t need no damn tests. They are too discriminating. Stupid people can be inspectors too you know.

We need more hardy guffaws around here. A guffaw commitee should immediately be formed.

We should talk more about how we hate our own organization and how our superiority to other organizations is unfair and imperialistic. We should begin peace talks with all other associations with no pre-conditions.

and what about those stinking vendors?

John great ideas…I just love this redistribution of wealth, this is cool! Even the wildlife are lining up to get their fair share. Is this a great country or what?

Where’d you get the pic of Farsetta? :smiley:

Repeat after me, “John is the one!”


That’s me alright…

Ha, I knew we could lure you out of hibernation Joe! :smiley:

What a novel idea! Spreading the wealth,… where have I heard that before??:cool:

Too funny Joe :mrgreen:



Now that made me laugh…slowly at first–with a snicker.:slight_smile: The came the chuckle,:):slight_smile: followed by a guffaw.:D:D

Then I let go and laughed out loud.:|.):|.)

Which reminds me. We need more hardy guffaws around here! Thanks Jae, I’ll add it to the list! :smiley:

Excellent Jae…as long as you didn’t wet yourself. :mrgreen: