INACHI Position Statement

The attached INACHI Position Statement regarding the proposed TREC SOP Commentary was mailed today to all 9 TREC Commissioners, several TREC staff members, all members of the Inspectors Advisory Committee and leaders of other trade associations active in Texas.

Commentary NACHI final.pdf (115 KB)

Good job Mike!! Maybe someone will listen to it and act appropriately to it!

Well done Mike.

Thanks guys…not likely to do much good but at least there will be a record of dissent. As many Texas inspectors as possible should write or e-mail the commissioners and the IAC to let them know how you feel. If not, then prepare for the Texas SOP to quadruple in size.

hanks Michael. Well said.

Well, there it is….see the Feb 9th IAC SOP Subcommittee teleconference meeting agenda. Commentary is being prepared for inclusion in the Rules. Not necessarily the SOP but somewhere in the Rules therefore enforceable.

Send the inspector committee your opinion.

quadrupled squared :shock: