INACHI T-shirts

James McKee: The FedEx *Home Delivery *option to Amherst, Ohio for 4 T-Shirts is $8.55.

Michael Larson writes:

Good suggestion. We’re working on it.

It now defaults to FedEx HomeDelivery.

And unlike Wal-Mart, we don’t charge sales tax outside of Colorado.

That’s because you don’t have any brick and mortar in other states.

Now make sure you all report it on your state income tax forms:roll:

Michael, Robert, James…

You each earned a free shirt. Post:

  • what size you want.
  • what color you want.
  • what slogan you want.

Your shirts are on me.

Anyone else is just looking around

Thanks NicK!

Got it. Shipping.

Anyone else is just looking around

Thanks Nick

3x blue
any one else is just looking around
Thanks Nick …and when i tried to place an order it still says 22.15…Fed Ex ground

2X??? 3X??? I guess you guys don’t do crawl spaces or attic hatches. Nick,can you get these tubbies a discount for Weight Watchers???:p:p:p

;-)I do plenty of attic hatches Linas…but thanks for Your concern…:wink:

When I ordered my 3 t-shirts last week my shipping and t-shirts came to over 34.00 is there any credit for that?

Those are good looking T-Shirts.

Yes Anthony, you are being credited for any extra S&H.

James McKee, shipping to Ohio is $11.15:

You would be wrong but that isn’t unusual.

I may not be svelt like Linus thinks he is but I have no trouble in attic hatches.:roll:

Ordered 3 shirts $9.30 shipping to Florida

You can thank Nachi Idaho for that trademark!!

BTW, the best NACHI shirts EVER were the blue denims from '04.
Still useable after 5 years of daily rotating.
Next time, tho, go for 60-40; I’m too busy these days, & getting tired of touch-ups with the iron, Nick!!