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Structural and Architectural Links Page

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Architectural Links:

AIA American Institute of Architects](
· American Institute of Architects (AIA)
· American Plywood Association (APA)
· American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
· American Subcontractors Association (ASA)
· Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
· Associated General Contractors (AGC)
· Association of Wall & Ceilings Industry (AWCI)
· British Columbia Wall & Ceiling Association
· Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
· EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA)
· International Code Council (ICC)
· International Code Council Evaluation Service
· International Institute for Lath & Plaster
· National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
· Portland Cement Association (PCA)

ADA Accessibility Guidelines & Technical Manuals](

ADAAG Americans Disabilities Act, Access Guide](

**Hud Minimum Property Standards **

National Codes

NFPA National Fire Protection Assn. Life Safety Code](

History of Building Codes

ICBO International Conference of Building Officials](

IRC 2006 Code Update](

ICC International Codes Council](

IBC International Building Code](

Construction Web Links

State Codes


Denver Building Code](

Pennsylvania State Code](

Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Regional](

Kansas City Building Code](

Oregon State Code…_Frameset.html](

Maine Energy Audits Links

Links & Resources

General Informational Sites:

Maine Assistance Programs:

Books and Manuals

**General HI Books & Manuals **

**The Complete Book of Home Inspection, by Norman Becker **

Real Estate Home Inspection - Mastering the Profession, by Russell Burgess (general) … Details](
Inspecting a House, by Rex Cauldwell (general) … Details … (Download Structure Chapter)](
Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide, by HUD (Free Download)](

Structural Building Components Association (SBCA)

Code Check* -](*

***Foundations and Concrete Work ***Books](;_ylc=X3oDMTB1c21tcDhkBF9TAzk2NjMyOTA3BHNlYwNmZWVkBHNsawNib29rcw--)

Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders](|Simplified_Engineering_for_Architects_and_Builders_:_Books&ref=tgt_adv_XSNG1060)

Wood-Frame House Construction

Graphic Guide to Frame Construction, by Robert Thallon … Details
Wood-Frame House Construction, by L.O. Anderson … Details
Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction, by AWC (Free Download)](

Carpentry Basics, From Army Corps Manual (Free Online Book/Course)](
Wood handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material, by FPL (advanced) (Free Download by Chapters)](

INACHI Technical Library](
General Structure

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BTW, anyone who is a newer inspector (or older for that matter).

I thought Rex Cauldwell’s book was good. Still have it somewhere (nearly 10 years I think). Covers a lot of good points.

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General HI Books & Manuals

The Complete Book of Home Inspection, by Norman Becker (general) … Details

Real Estate Home Inspection - Mastering the Profession, by Russell Burgess (general) … Details

Inspecting a House, by Rex Cauldwell (general) … Details … (Download Structure Chapter)

Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide, by HUD (Free Download)

Structure Books & Manuals

Code Check - Building, by Redwood Kardon … Details

Foundations and Concrete Work, by Fine Homebuilding Magazine … Details

Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders
Wood-Frame House Construction
Masonry Basics, From Army Corps Manual (Free Online Book/Course)

Graphic Guide to Frame Construction, by Robert Thallon … Details

Wood-Frame House Construction, by L.O. Anderson … Details

Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction, by AWC (Free Download)

Carpentry Basics, From Army Corps Manual (Free Online Book/Course)

Wood handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material, by FPL (advanced) (Free Download by Chapters)

Diagnosing and Repairing House Structure Problems, by Edgar Oliver Seaquist (advanced)

General Structure

General House construction …
Basic Product Information …
Basic Structural Products …
Burgess’s Book Preview - Foundations …
Residential Construction (APA) …
Moisture Problems (extensive) …

Seismic & Wind Resistance …

Concrete Basics …
Concrete Information …
Concrete Problems …

Masonry Wall Inspection …
Masonry Resources …
Masonry Construction …
Masonry Products …
Masonry Technical Info & Details …
Brick Technical Notes …
Masonry Veneer Inspection …

Foundation Construction Basics …
Foundation Inspection Basics …
Basement Leaks Discussion …
Basement Moisture Causes/Solutions …
Foundation Moisture Control …

Crack Inspection …
Concrete Cracks (Take w/ Grain of Salt on widths) …
Concrete Floors & Footings …
Slab on Grade Basics …
Slab Foundations Resources (extensive) …
Frost Protected Shallow Foundations …
Precast Concrete Foundations … 2069
Masonry Foundations & leaks …
Insulating Concrete Forms … 2038
Wood Foundations …
Wood & Framing

Wood Industry Information/Links …

Carpentry Basics (Free Online Book/Course) …
Old Style Balloon Framing …
Treated Wood …
Wood Floor Problems …
Notching & Boring Discussion …
Notching & Boring Article …
Log Building Standards …
Log Building History & Repair …
Engineered Lumber & Wood Trusses

Engineered Lumber Data …
I-Joist Article …
I-Joist TJI Framers Guide …
Floor Truss Info …
Wood Truss Industry Links …
Wood Roof Truss Systems …

Wood Roof Truss Problems …
Metal Roofing
Asphalt Shingles

Anchors & Wood Connectors

Simpson Training Info …
Wood Connectors …
Treated Wood Connector Issues …
Info on Connectors For Treated Wood …
Connector Types for ACQ Treated Wood …
Steel Framing

Residential Light Gauge Steel Framing …
Steel Framing Problems …


Electrical Safety Publications

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum Wiring Info
CPSC - Aluminum Wiring Fix Still Available
CPSC - Aluminum Wiring Repair
TYCO - COPALUM Aluminum Wire Connectors^M~FEAT
Aluminum Wiring Hazards

Crawl Spaces

Crawl Space Ventilation …
Crawl Space Moisture Control …
Conditioned Crawl Spaces …
General Crawl Space Issues …
Crawl Space Moisture Problems …
Inspecting Crawl Spaces …
Chimney & Fireplace

Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
The National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG)
Chimneys: Safety Alert
Standards for Design & Construction - NFPA 211
Hearth Products
Hearth Net
Un-Vented Gas Logs
Hearth Products - Concerns about Un-vented

Septic Systems

The Septic System Information Website
NSFC Septic News
Septic Systems - What you need to know
Synthetic Stucco

EIFS Facts
EIFS Construction
Georgia Association of Home Inspectors - EIFS Problems & Recommends
EIFS - Exterior Design Institute - EIFS
EIFS Legal Network Online
Welcome to the EIFS Alliance

Accessory Structures

Decks & Patios …
Wood Deck Construction …
Wood Deck Maintenance …
Deck Post Connection Problems …
Retaining Wall Inspection Basics …
Water Damage & Wood Rot

Wood Moisture Content …
An Introduction to Wood Rot …
Controlling External Water Problems …
Preventing Wood Rot …
Moisture Intrusion …
Landscape Management Checklist …
Foundation Moisture Control …

Winter-Time Moisture Problems …
Wood Rot & Treatment …
Types of Wood Treatment …
Treated Wood Concerns …
Mold & Wood Products …


Moisture & Mold

Mold Basics & Resources …
Mold Realities & Dangers …
Mold Concerns & Indoor Air …
Indoor Air Quality … ulations
Mold Concerns …
Moisture Requirements for Fungal Growth …
Stachybotrys Chartarum and other molds …
Mold and Pulmonary Hemorrhage Among Infants …
Controlling Mold and Mildew …
Controlling Moisture Levels in Homes …
Moisture, Mold, & Wood Decay

Wood Moisture Content
There’s No Such Thing as Dry rot
The Billion Dollar Thief: Moisture
Landscape Management Checklist
Controlling External Water Problems
There’s No Future in a Wet Foundation

Winter-Time Moisture Problems
Moisture Analysis of Wood
Moisture Requirements for Fungal Growth
An Introduction to Wood Rot
Preventing Water Intrusion at Foundation Walls
Q&A on Stachybotrys chartarum and other molds
Pulmonary Hemorrhage - Hemosiderosis Among Infants
Indoor Air-Molds
Indoor Air-Mold Resources
Controlling Mold and Mildew


Radon Publications - A Citizen’s Guide to Radon
Indoor Air-Radon - Frequently Asked Questions
Indoor Air-Radon - Myths and Facts
Indoor Air-Radon - Risk Comparison Charts
Radon Publications - Home Buyer’s & Seller’s Guide to Radon
Radon - EPA Map of Radon Zones
Radon in Drinking Water Q&A
National Radon Proficiency Program
Health Physics Society - Position Statement on Radon

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
CO Headquarters
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Save Lives
The “Invisible” Killer
Carbon Monoxide Questions & Answers
Protect Your Family & Yourself
Carbon Monoxide Checklist

Product Recalls (CPSC)

Find Recalled Products by Product Type
Find Recalled Products by Company Name

Seems like updating a list like this and properly indexed and made available somewhere would help all.


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