Inappropriate repair to TPO roof at scupper

How would you emphasize the potential consequences of action or inaction in this situation, in a report?

I’m looking at what seems to be a spray tar repair of a TPO roof, where it transitions to a rusty scupper. The scupper appears older than the TPO roof, and had definitely leaked into the wall.

So far I have:

Inappropriate roof repair. Tar used to repair a prior roof leak is prone to drying out and cracking. Recommend referring to a roofer specializing in TPO roofing, for a repair involving welding the TPO permanently. Recommend adding a second drain a higher level to avoid a “bathtub effect” should this drain become blocked. Without a 2nd drain or overflow, backed up water could reach a depth of nearly 2 feet creating a significant hazard.

Note this report is for the present owner, so there’s no gamesmanship between agents or liability.

Update: I think it’s a rusted through scupper, but with all that flex seal, who can tell now?

As advertised, repairs anything.LOl
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Definitely Flex Seal like Scott said. Hard to tell anything else about the drainage from that single pic. Just needs a TPO patch repair there.

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I would have stopped there.

Lack of an overflow scupper is a second issue


The problem is then the patching roofer will come back, annoyed, and say “it’s patched”. I’d like to convey it’s not patched correctly.

You did said as much.

You can expand with statements such as “this is considered a temporary repair and will likely fail” or “incompatible patch material” or “substandard repair attempt” and then recommend further evaluation and correction with a qualified roofing contractor familiar with TPO repairs consistent with industry or manufacturer standards.

Prescribing cures is a slippery slope. I personally would stay in my lane and identify the defect.