Income Tax Excel Template


I was wondering if anybody looking at this forum might have an Excel spreadsheet template suited for this line of work to keep track of income taxes deductions, expenses and so on. I have one spreadsheet that my accounted uses himself, but doesn’t seem that user friendly and is tailored more for a Treasurer of a PTA.



That is a good question as I would like to see that also if anyone has a template.

I can get ya one …what spread sheet do you use?

Take an excel class at a local college. Worth every minute. My reports are based on excel.

I have Excel 2003 right now. I’ll be upgrading to 2007 soon, but haven’t had time to upgrade.



I use 2002. Works good for me.

How do you incorprate an excel spreadshhet into your report that would be interesting to see, what is the benifit. Post a report if possible


I’m not looking to incorporate anything into an inspection report. I’m only looking for an Excel template that someone may be using that breaks down all of the income/expenses for a typical home inspection business. Since this is my first full year in the business I would like to see something that would help me identify all of the things that I should be capturing as deductions and so forth.



I always just copy all my bills to a clipboard for sorting later but you are talking about a spreadsheet with all the typical deductible Home Inspection expenses built in and subtitled.
I like that idea.

You could go with the free program Quickbooks Simple start .
You will need to add your own categories however.

Hey Steve
Been out partyin’ all day…Gaspirilla down hwere around Tampa.
I have a template for excel…gimmi till tommarow


Please post it here.

Never mind as I see you posted it at the bottom of your web page for some reason.

Hey Bob…will do…too late…too many yinglings now

You already posted a copy under your Active Rain link on your web site.
Do you know it is there?

I saw that as well, but I still don’t have Excel 207 on my laptop, so I didn’t try to open it.


Could you do me a favor and save the file you give us as 2003 so that I can read it?



BTW: Wish I were in Florida right now, brrrr :cool:

I,m trying to get my old laptop fired up this morning. I just switched to a netbook and excell and most other stuff is still on old laptop.

Yea I have one posted on my web site. I put it there for Billy a while back. He said he was having trouble opening it so I was going to test it again before passing on. Try it though and see if it works.
I will double check it and post 1 thats is converted to excel 2003 also.

Would post it on here but message board didn’t like the file format for some reason.

Hi Ed,

Excel 2003 wouldn’t open the file. I just got 2007, but I don’t think it will even work on this old laptop that I’m using.



You do not need Microsoft.
Just open it with Google Docs.
I opened it with Excel and transferred it to Google Docs with no issues.

It also transfers to OO.

Here is the file…Tax spread (24.4 KB)

I transferred it to a zipped file before uploading.

Simply save the file and open with Google docs.

Got it, thanks everyone for the inputs…