Incorrect Electrical Definition?

I just read in the How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections Course - beginning definitions:

“SE Cable stands for service entrance cable, which is not commonly used for service cable any longer, but is used for branch circuit and feeder wiring in homes.”

Wow, this definition seems off. It also does not match any references I have found online so far. As far as I can tell, SE cable still means Service Entrance cable and is still in use in this context.

Any answers? Any references to back it up?

The only thing I have ever known as SE or (SEC in my area) is service entrance which is almost always aluminum which is not approved for branch circuits. Good catch.

Multi-strand AL is perfectly fine for branch circuits. SE cable is also OK for branch circuits and service entrance, but it does have limitations. Read Article 338 NEC.

I inspected a few homes done this way .
After the war in the late 1940 and early 1950 there was a shortage of steel pipe and you where able to install cloth covered wires Looks like stove cable and some are in still in use .
Here are a couple of pictures I got from Google .
I also did a home that had a Pyrotenax it looks like 3/4 inch copper pipe .
You can see a couple of pictures at

Below is a service entrance cables .


Nec 550.15

550.15 Wiring Methods and Materials. Except as specifically
limited in this section, the wiring methods and materials
included in this Code shall be used in mobile homes. Aluminum
conductors, aluminum alloy conductors, and aluminum
core conductors such as copper-clad aluminum shall not be
acceptable for use as branch-circuit wiring.

Every home has an electrical service panel. It may be located on the exterior of the home, in the garage or basement. The panel contains fuses or circuit breakers. The panel and its components must be reviewed for age, dark or smoky residue, and wear and tear. If the panel contains out-dated round fuses, these should be replaced by a licensed electrician with circuit breakers switches. If the service panel is rusty or worn, it should be replaced as well.

Based on what?