Incorrect Splice?

I don’t have an electrical background, and I’ve only been a HI for about a year and a half, but this didn’t seem right to me…

Brand new panel and breakers. On the right side you can see what I think are two #2 wires spliced to #6 (i think) and fed into a 50 Amp double pole breaker. My question is, when you have to different sized wires together, doesn’t that create a resistance, and subsequently, heat? Possible fire? Is this wrong?

Thank you

this is not a problem. The conductors are larger than the breaker for one reason or the other but it is not a problem.

Thanks for the reply

One possible issue is how the spice was installed. Since you cannot see through the tape it may or may not be OK. The larger to smaller conductors is fine as long as the splicing method is listed for both those size conductors.

I am not a sparky either but I see in my area a lot of Al to copper splices but usually on incoming Phase A and B not to a single breaker, Al wire is always larger than copper for the same amperage