Increase your market share. Attend this webinar with Ben Gromicko and Wally Conway.

EGIA Leadership Academy Presents
“Overlooked Strategies for Connecting With Quality Leads”
Thursday, May 24, 2012 11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific (2:00pm-3:30pm Eastern)
Presenting will be InterNACHI’s Ben Gromicko, Director of Education.

Put your business in a position to attract, sell, and maintain quality prospects. Some of the best ways to advance your reputation is to engage in alliances, referral networks, or divergent business opportunities. Aligning yourself with others can be a powerful way to expand your prospect list and succeed. Discover how others have incorporated these tools to gain and sustain a competitive edge. When efforts align, strengths become more apparent and potential customers are encouraged to take you seriously.

During this Leadership Academy Web Exchange, you will gain these insights:

Acquiring quality prospects through developing relationships with other businesses
Distinguishing partner potential through identifying your ideal prospect and your sales goals
Leveraging your networks to increase your market share

Man you guys suck at lead time.

InterNACHI has five complementary registrations to give away.

First 5 to “reply”.

I’ll take one please.

Dave Range
Willowick, Ohio

And it’s running the same time period as the Mike Holt webinar ! Thursday,
May 24 at 2:30 pm EST.

Dave, you have a message.
InterNACHI has a total of five complementary registrations to give away.
That’s 4 left.

I’ll take one. Is BPI providing CEUs, do you know?

I did my BPI training with Paul Kriescher, and thoroughly enjoyed their crew.
I’d like to attend,
I never turn down training,

James, you have a message.
That’s 3 left.

I’d like to attend,
I never turn down training,

Steven, you have a message.
That’s 2 left.

I think most guys book up to a week in advance so this is last minute.
Was this announced before?

I’ll take one

LMAO…2 day notice is not what I would call a good leader. Your right Bob most successful guys are about a week out. Training is a great thing, if you get notice.

Maybe Ben just wants the newbies is my guess.
Ben rarely posts on this forum other than his business dealings and promotions so I would have liked to attend but looks like I am inspecting right then.

Still waiting for confirmation though so who knows.

If any left I’ll take one

William, you have a message.
1 left.

stephen, you have a message.

That’s it. All gone.
Thanks, everyone.

You’re correct.
I was asked to submit my presentation just yesterday.

Just confirmed my Inspection for 12:00pm tomorrow so the guys can let us know what happens.

You should record it like Paul Abernathy used to do with his webinars.