Increasing Water Pressure

I inspected a 6 yr old home in the rear of the new subdivision.
Water pressure was 30 psi.
Does anyone have any ideas to increase the water pressure ?:idea:


pressure pump

Yes sir

Many homes have a pressure reducing valve to regulate the pressure in the home since many municipalities are using high pressure to ensure all areas are serviced completely. If this home has one it should be located near the main shut off valve and is usually bell shaped. There is a lock nut and screw that regulate the valve. You can attach a pressure gauge on a hose bib and turn the valve until you are satisfied with the results. However, anything over 50 PSI is not a good idea and can lead to unplanned results.

Thirty pounds would be an acceptable pressure to run a house on a well, so publisc water should be no different.

Also make sure the problem is not flow.
Are these galvanized pipes ?