Independent Certified Mold Inspectors Needed in US (Must not perform remediation.)

Looking for extra mold inspection jobs? If so, we can help.

We fully expect to have our phones ringing off the hook by 1st of December 2012.

We currently have mold inspectors in the following markets, so these are filled:

-Charlotte, NC
-Columbia, SC <–Our HQ location.
-Charleston, SC
-Birmingham, AL
-Huntsville, AL
-St Louis, MO
-Green Bay

Here is some basic information on how we operate with our inspectors:

  • We do not expect our inspectors to work Sundays. If there is an "emergency,” we always leave it up to you. There is extra pay for “emergency” (same day) notices as well. Sunday or “emergency” same day jobs taken on by you pay ½ of the $85 “emergency” customer charge. So you’d pocket an extra $42.50.

  • 1099 Independent Contractor position.

  • Driving radius is up to 75 miles (we pay a “bonus” based on ranges of distance).

You can expect to make $100-$200 per job (this includes the “Bonus” pay which you can use for gas, etc.).

  • We pay 25% of the gross for all jobs completed. We charge $250 minimum (for one indoor, and one outdoor sample). This price includes “no charge for a trip fee” and no charge for our 52-Point Visual Inspection". Each additional indoor sample is $85.

  • We use a 52-Point Visual Inspection sheet which must be signed off by the customer once completed. (nothing new here for you, I’m sure)

  • We will not send leads to, or work with, other companies who also perform the remediation work because of the conflict of interest in checking one’s own work. Our philosophy is to not (up)sell remediation work, but to help the customer through the whole experience.

  • We/you perform post-testing.

  • We use Hayes Laboratory for our analyses.

If interested, please contact Lance @ 877-554-6653 or at

So you are wanting inspectors to drive out to homes and perform free 52 point visual inspections, and if by chance they sell a couple air tests, they make $62.50?

Ha I’ve heard that one before

and who provides the
Lab Fees.

As they say there’s an *** for every seat !

Are you looking for inspectors in California?


Don’t forget it’s up to 75 miles one-way at n/c. Also, it is a “Bonus” if they actually pay you for mileage!