Indiana Licensing.....

I look on the Indiana website:

It shows InterNACHI as a “pending” provider of pre-licensing… Does anyone know if this is close to changing to active?

I am in the home building/remodeling/property management biz and would like to get my Indiana inspector license. Took the example test with no study and scored 85% with no study… Looking for my best choice. I also have field experience with a Licensed inspector as well…

LOL! We applied years ago. You should call and complain.

Anyway, all our courses are approved for CE in Indiana.

My daughter took her driving test and passed with flying colors. Doesn’t mean she can drive.

That helps. And of course getting a license to operate legally is a must. But if you want to succeed, you’ll also have to learn how to run a successful business. This is the hardest part about being an inspector, as many mistakenly think that all they need is technical training for a job. My advice: Read every word and ever link in … twice.

And apply it.

Thanks for the input… I will look further, continue my field study with other inspectors ( have about 10 under my belt now) and try to find a training company with DE training…

I understand the dynamics of a business… Been self employed, in multiple fields, for over 15 years.