Indiana SB 0009

New bill for new session

Committee Members

How to contact your legislators.

I encourage you to contact each Senator on the Corrections, Criminal, and Civil Matters Committee.

The good news is it is a short session, and with Indiana property tax woes going on, hopefully this bill will not be heard. The bad news is that Senator Steele Chairs this committee, so he decides which bills assigned to the committee gets heard. So far it has not been scheduled. I did put a call into his office to find out if there is an estimated time it will be heard, and they are calling back. I will be closely following this bill.

:twisted: I’m guessing the politician who introduced this bill has a house with some ($$$$$$) problems he doesn’t want to disclose to a buyer.

If it’s not already in place, one can easily foresee the next bill introducing mandatory E&O on the inspector, since the seller and his agent are off the hook.

One or two claims and the inspector is out of insurance…and out of business.

Can you guys stop this bill from making it?

Also a real estate broker, lawyer, and banker. Interesting isnt it.

I think so. His office was very nice to me today, told me they would contact me as soon as there is a date that it will be heard in committee. I will be watching anyway, in case they “forget” Tri State NACHI is also having a meeting tomorrow to discuss the issue, and what can we do about it.