Hello all I will be near Muncie Indiana July 13th for about 4 days. Anyone want to have coffee or lunch. I will be staying in Portland Indiana.

No reply’s so far…Looks like you will have to offer up some beer to get their attention!

I’m sorry to hear you have to spend 4 days in Indiana. Did you do something wrong???:p:p

As far as I know, there isn’t any InterNACHI around there that chats on this board. Almost everyone that chats on here is located on the South side of Indiana.

Maybe they are letting him OUT on Monday!

LOL well Imagine all this going on. It is not punishment and I will buy the first round of beers. I will actually be in the thriving Metropolis of Portland Indiana in Jay County. I am sure everyone knows where that is. It is the home of one of the largest antique tractor show weekends in the country. Please kill me now. LOL Well just thought I’d ask if anyone was near there to help me get away from watching the soy bean plants grow.