Indianapolis-Real Estate Investors calling me !

I am an inspector in Indianapolis. Saw this article the other day.

Since then I have had 2 E-mails from Real Estate Investors inquiring about inspections. One was from Canada and said she was flying down next month, and plans to REHAB 2 housese per month and would like me to inspect them as well as provide her with cost estimates for the rehabs.

This is not something I feel comfortable with. Does anyone know an easy way to get this information ? Since it’s not required on the states’s SOP, I don’t worry about it. But I’d like to get this business.

Also, check this link.

It shows what is happening in 100 cities around the country. Indianapols was one of the first cities where forclosures were big. We were number 1 in forclosures for a long time starting in 2002 or 2003. If you study the chart in that link, you will see that Indianapolis is first one of the 100 cities listed that has already bottomed out on the drop in housing prices, and is now on the upswing.

This is why the real estate investors are decending on the city. Anyway, if anyone knows an easy to estimate repair costs, please let me know.

check this out
be sure to qaulify that this is just an estimates and estimates will vary.

Here’s another that I’ve used in the past and proved to be accurate for estimating.

Thanks for the tips guys. I will check those links out when the time comes.