Individual vs. Multi-inspector packages

We’ve (allinspections) gotten a lot of feedback from inspectors regarding what individual vs. multi-inspector companies need. We created some new packages for that this week and wrote a blog on it. We are aiming to meet the needs of both types of inspectors. Please take a look as we would be interested in your feedback. As always, thank you for sharing.

I’ve never heard of allinspections. Are they any good?

Must be OK been a member of NACHI since last month

Looking for some SEO no doubt.

It’s a Florida thing.

They sell form packages at a monthly fee.
Fortunately, there are other, better options.

ALL INSPECTIONS has been providing online wind mit, four point and roof certification forms for some time.
They are a very reputable company based down here in Clearwater and are active in local NACHI meetings etc.
I have used them for ins. inspections.

Sometimes, I just have to chuckle to myself…

ya…you know best