Indoor Air Quality Television Episode 2 is ready

Thanks for the support we have received from NACHI members after completion of Episode 1 of Indoor Air Quality Television where we showed spore trap analysis and had a visit to an analytical lab.

Episode 2 has been posted which is a report form the 4th Annual Inter-County IAQ Open House and Expo in Ft. Myers, Florida April 19 and 20.

This expo featured a wide range of displays and product demos including thermal IR cameras, video inspection technologies, remediation contractors and one display that was truley amazing. This was a mobile (trailer from an 18 wheel truck) water intrusion and drying exhibit from the Commercial Drying Research Institute. The interior of the truck trailer was modified into a series of residential and commercial, interior and exterior wall sections which were exposed to a significant water intrusion which consisted of spray from a fire sprinkler. The water intrusion was performed twice so that all interested parties could witness. Following the water intrusion, the large on board desiccant drying system was activated to dry the structure over the course of about 4 hours.

In Episode 2 we show a large part of this weting/drying exhibit on video for the benefit of those who could not attend the show. This show can be viewed at the link below.

Please tell us what you think and we hope you enjoy Indoor Air Quality Television


Jeff Deuitch
Host, Indoor Air Quality Television