Indoor Air Quality Television has arrived

After endless delays and missed promises, we finally got Indoor Air Quality Television produced and uploaded and all testing of the systems looks like we are reliable in our delivery.

IAQ Television is a web based show focused in Indoor Air Quality issues. In the first issue we cover air sampling using spore trap cassettes. We visit Aerotech P&K labs where Valerie, the microbiologist there, will give us a narrated video tour from the lens of the microscope so you can see what the analyst sees and understand some of the complications that can occur with excess debris.

We have also completed filming for Episode 2 which will be a show report from the 4th Annual Florida Intercounty IAQ Council and Expo. This event was Last Thursday and Friday in Ft. Myers, Florida and featured some fascinating demos and displays including a massive residential water intrusion and subsequent drying demo. This was completely contained in the trailer of an 18 wheel truck. An amazing display and we will bring it to you in Episode 2.

Click here to see the show:


Jeff Deuitch
Host, Indoor Air Quality Television

All it says is plaese try again. Then it gets stuck at 4 seconds played.

Thanks Jay:

I will definitely look and see what may be going on here. I have not had other reports of this. Can you tell me what browser and media player are being used? XP, Vista, or other OS? Also, does this occur when following the link I posted to the IAQ Television forum page, or does it occur when you click on the link for the video file that is listed on the page? Our first attempt at posting had problems due to bit rate issues in the video encoding. The current video has been re-encoded at a contrained bit rate but we may need to reduce further.

Your feedback is appreciated, and we will get this worked out.

Jeff Deuitch
Host, IAQ Television.

Seems to be working now…

Good quality…