Indoor Environment Group SCAM

I’m adding another so called professional business to my list of SCAMMERS and sending out a BEWARE notice to the general public.

The short story.
Within in two weeks after the great flood in Kokomo Indiana 2013 whereas my family and business lost all of our material belongings, I accepted a small contract from Indoor Environment Group Inc. A simple job to verify completion of work. Dave Gutterud of Indoor Environment Group Inc. graciously offered a higher than normal fee to do his part in helping my family through our disaster.

I have sent several invoices, emails, along with phone calls, which go directly to a voice recording in an attempt to collect my payment. All attempts on my behalf have failed to produce a reason or the monies due me.

I’m more than disappointed in this transaction as I believe my family has suffered enough without having empty promises made during our time of need.

Now over four months have gone by and I’m giving up on my collection of this debt. And am voicing the truth about my experience with Dave Gutterud and the Indoor Environment Group Inc. so others will not be taken advantage of.

The Indoor Environment Group Inc. can be found at


What a complete asshole.

Sorry to hear Jim, but scum seems to collect everywhere these days. I hope you, your wife and the baby are doing well and staying healthy.

It really irks me because we seriously need the money and I had to borrow a friends vehicle and tools to do the job.

Thank you Stephan, just trying to do my part. I’m hoping my testimonial / experience will aid in those thinking of doing business with this particular company.

Always check references and Get it in writing…

The family and I are doing better than some that went through the same devastation.

I have worked with Dave Gutterud and Indoor Environmental Group for a couple of years now. I have had one case of a delayed payment, aside from that Dave have been great to work with.

I am sorry to hear about your situation.

I do know that Dave pays out on a job only after he gets paid for the job. If you have not received your fee that is possibly because Dave has not been paid.

Regardless this is not an excuse to delay your payment.
I would like to try to help you get your fee.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve had a successful relationship.

Now the general public has another side of the coin.

Thanks for your input.