Inductive Volt. probe

I have a Circuit Alert as voltage probe it seem to read about 1" around the point. On the weekend I came up on some Knob & tube wiring is seem live with my probe, recommended further evaluation from certified electrician. What are you guys using? . Any comment please.
thank Jeannot

I’ve tried a few voltage “sniffers” and ended up with the Fluke Volt Alert. I lile the size, sensitivity, and the fact that it doesn’t beep (my preference).

I’m curious…if you have active KT wiring, it will light up a sniffer (at least on the hot wire). That’s normal. Were there other conditions that made you call for “further evaluation” rather than just reporting its presence?

In this area KT will get you insurance refusal, and their was a whole bunch of other electrical stuff ex.( improper termination of wire) actually one was live in the kitchen cubboard