Indy or Baltimore ?

We Tennesse folks shure would like to see Peyton take a Championship.

I like Indy but if they can’t give Manning time, they will surely lose.

I’ll take Indy


Still have a liking for Steve Mcnair, and what he did for the Titans as well. But I would rather see Indy win.

The real question is what AFC team the Saints will play?



How we lookin now!!

I believe the Saints will play the Patriots in the Superbowl…and the Saints will win.
Wish I had money to bet with as this is the biggest longshot I’ve ever taken.

SAints or Eagles?


Nice prediction an hour after the game ends…you should be in Vegas!:roll::smiley:

We are now 1 game away from franchise history.

no youre not…the franchise alreadly made history by making it to th NFC Championsip game.