Inflation rates

But evidently they are still $8 a dozen in Dave’s neighborhood. I think he is getting scammed.

I may load up a few hundred dozen from my local Walmart and bring them down to resell for $8!

Trump knows very little about how the global economy works. The dude barely knows how to run a successful business for cripes sake. Crazy. Bankruptcies galore.

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Actually, those Organic Free-Range things were about $5.50 at Walmart last week. Seeing as he’s in Florida, I can see them being near $8.00 down there.

Note: With the price of Bidens fuel, you’ll need to sell them for $12 to break even!!


Same hen and same eggs as the regular ones, lol


First of all, you have no idea what he does and does not know. But his attitude was pro America, Pro energy and Pro business. He is smart enough to know that closing businesses and schools was stupid. He was smart enough to know China needed be held fully accountable so we could fully understand the disease and save lives. He was smart enough not to start new wars.

That said, we never really got a chance to see any of his talents due to a Russia Hoax and a relentless full scale media attack on everything he said and did. Even when it was good. (remember politicians saying they would never take his vaccine? haha…awesome smartness)


He raised tariffs on imports from China. How did raising tariffs hold China accountable?

You have a short memory. Probably watching too much late night comedy. When the WHO flipped onto China’s side, it was the last straw. Don’t forget we had sneaky Fauci covering his tracks for his funding for gain of function research during all of this. Had we had the information that China had while they were locking up doctors trying to spread the word about the virus, we may have had a far different outcome.

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I don’t watch late night comedy. I’m usually watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond about this time.

What exactly did DJT do to hold China accountable?

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Read this:

Then this:

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And then, to go full circle. How the Biden administration created its own vaccine hesitancy problem and used it to demonize his political rivals.

Transparent communication about negative features of COVID-19 vaccines decreases acceptance but increases trust - PMC

I scanned through the articles that you posted, but I cannot find anything that he did specifically to hold China accountable for the origin and spread of COVID.

We have been exporting oil and other petroleum products for well over 100 years. What you mean to say is that we exported more than we imported.

As you can see below, net imports of petroleum products have been falling since about 2005, regardless of presidential party affiliation. We crossed the 0 line briefly during Covid as other exporters of oil reduced production faster than we did.

U.S. Net Imports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (Thousand Barrels per  Day)


IMO, there is obviously a price fixing cabal. Without much knowledge, I suspect OPEC is the largest cabal with the US and other countries following their lead. Based on your chart and this one, I would say America is still relatively energy independent. Biden cannot publicly speak to his policies because the policies are at odds with his climate cult following. As a side note: unfortunately, during these high prices our Strategic reserves are not getting refilled aggressively.

But in reality, his renewable energy policies are running parallel with big oil as they probably should be. But his crazy talk about being free from fossil fuels by the end of his Presidency probably sent most oil companies into a strategic price fix in order to weather the storm.

Statistic: Total petroleum exports from the United States in selected years from 1950 to 2022 (in 1,000 barrels per day) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


Yeah, for sure. OPEC does it by controlling production and they do it openly. US companies are not allowed to work together to “fix” supply, but they for sure do it behind the scenes, lol.


Did you scan thru this?

No, but it probably feeds right into your alt-right neo-nazi mindset.

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