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**Legal Action…

Criminal investigation

That about sums it up Marcel. Its called fraud, embezzlement, theft, conspiracy to commit theft, lack of fiduciary responsibility, lack of GAAP … yeah the protocol of how to misappropriate funds


Respectfully Roy and others, it is still an allegation! HAVE YOU CHECKED ON ANY UPDATES?

Very nice* Claude** try and make me and others look bad you do this frequently. *
*One of the Directors of PHPIO keeps saying go to the PHPIO if you want information . *
If it is not up to date you can blame your self and the PHPIO web site for not being up to date .
SORRY CLAUDE , I am most disapointed in your and other directors of PHPIC that seem to only care about the NCA and completly ignore the rest of the Canadian Home Inspectors .

Roy that is not my intent. I am not doubting your opinion.

But you and perhaps others are jumping to a conclusion, before the issue has been investigated, and legally represented.

It is not fraud until - “fraud” has been proven by the courts, or by unequivocal evidence that such is the case. Otherwise, it can only be claimed as alleged.

Let’s face it, that’s the difference between defense lawyers, and the lawyers representing litigants- the plaintiffs. It’s simply too premature to jump to “any” conclusions, for, against or it’s considered!

This was from the PHIPC web post ( [FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Criminal investigation )[/size][/FONT]

From Google

A criminal investigation is an official effort to uncover information about a crime. There are generally three ways that a person can be brought to justice for a criminal act. First, and probably the least likely, the individual will be driven by his conscience to immediately confess. Second, an officer of the law can catch him in the act. Third, and most common, a criminal investigation can identify him as suspect, after which he may confess or be convicted by trial. In most cases, when a crime is committed, officials have two primary concerns. They want to know who committed the crime, and what the motive was. The reason why a person breaks &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&--------------------------------------------------------------------
When it walks like duck quacks like a lady duck ,I think it just might be a duck.

Poor Roy,

As per his usual, he jumps to conclusions and tries to distort the truth:roll:…

When you have a badge like this you just might have some authority.

Till then you are just nothing to me.
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Thanks for the Info much appreciated … Roy