Info from customer on first call

What information should be gathered on intial call from customer? Obviously name , contact info, address etc. What else should I get on first phone call?

Agent name and contact info if they are working with an agent.
What type of inspections they would like performed.
Do they have any specific concerns they would like you to pay special attention to.
As many details about the home as they can give you.
When the inspection needs to be completed by.
If they would like to join you for the inspection or walkthrough.
How they were referred to you…

Get as much information as you can, use that first call as an opportunity to chat with them a bit and begin building rapport, it helps instill confidence that they called the right person!

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Here are a couple sheets that are very old but may help you. RR did one and I did the other:

about answering calls.doc (22.5 KB)

Appointment sheet.docx (9.9 KB)


Thanks for the quick responses. Both were very helpful.

Sure thing, Roger! :smile: