Just a heads up you may or may not be interested in. There is a Company on the Gulf Coast I and a few others over here, have been associated with for a couple years now. Maximum Solutions was established before Florida Retrofits and now with twice the installs. They don’t bait and switch pricing, Tyvek suits, professional, ROI is a matter of a few months for the Home Owner. they also cover most of Florida now.

Alex the Owner is a square shooter. Best of all they pay you the Inspector 100.oo to return for a photo of the 3rd nail and amend the WM. He’s never missed a beat with me. Pretty simple when you recap with your Client and how to lower their premiums, hand them his card, everybody wins.
Alex: 855 344 7595

I have spoke to him as well ans sent folks his way. Seems ok to me so far :slight_smile:

Alex is a good guy and done a lot of business with him