Information flow from CAHPI/National Certification

Feedback please.

Of those Nachi members who have been accepted into the National Cert. Program, how many of you have been kept abreast of information about the program from CAHPI? The reason I am asking is because much info has just been released and I am sure non CAHPI members are aware of it or have been informed. There are at least 20 documents which relate to CAHPI and its self regulation and the NCA.

Thank you.

So nice to hear that the self appointed secret society is still functioning.

I guess they soon will be asking those who they have conned into taking the courses will have to pay money to belong to this the founding group.

I wonder will they all get the secret decoder ring too.
Now they have some members ? they can assume they are much better then those poor soles who are not on the inside with the self appointed leaders.

Roy Cooke… RHI

Boy thats great, we have a few Nachi members who signed up for the National, and I bet they have not got all the info that is being put out by a group who has determined and set themselves up as a defacto body.

With government funding I thought the information from a self regulating body would be more forthcoming. Apparently tax dollars have been given to a secret society that dictates what information will be released when and to whom they deem appropriate. Shameful.


As you know, this whole National Certification bs was driven by a special interest group with stake in the $$$$ to be made. Are you surprised . I have heard rumors the funding will stop soon.


I was accepted into the National Certification process, they cashed my cheque and that was the last I have heard from them…


Thank you. Even though you are the lone replier who was accepted, it just goes to show NACHI members are being left out of the equation when it comes to timely and informative information. I suspect this is the case with other Nachi members who have been accepted but remain Mom on what they have not been told anything. I suspect not. It also confirms when it comes to equality Nachi members are in the dark. Our tax dollars are hard at work on a body that has shown how myopic and self centred it is at the expense of others who entered the program in good faith.

Roy R. and Paul are you on high speed? I have a large file that you should read about the National. Information that you won’t likely get otherwise. Please let me know I would be glad to send it to you privately as the info is to large to post here.

Ps. the file(s) are a total of 1.24 Megabytes

Paul it appears that you did not make it! (for the pilot group)

From my general knowledge the applicants are on file, and are next in line for the next phase on background and TIPR reviews. Applicants are welcome to opt out if they want, or a welcomed to keep their name in.

So strange something as important as some make it sound it sure does not look like many NACHI members have taken the exam.
Information has not been published that I have seen .
Much information is lacking .
Why am I not surprised this is the same Association that has not had the courtesy to reply to My Offer from NACHI for them to have a free booth at the NACHI conference .
I also offered To Their President for their membersand wives to Attend the NACHI conference at NACHI members prices.
Again I did not get the courtesy of a reply and do not think NACHI did either.
I did see where they wished to co-operate with all Home inspectors in Canada but they have not followed up with their posts.
So glad NACHI at least has this BB open for all inspectors to see what is going on.
Even those of the secret society who do not belong to NACHI can get much information .
I have seen some of their directors looking at the NACHI BB so they can not use the excuse we did not know .
NACHI is the greatest and still offers our BB for information .
It is too bad Intimidation is practiced by the Canadian associations.


I am in England at the moment, so I don’t have access to my email records but I have proof (including a bank statement) that I was, though at first I wasn’t. Check with Bill Mullen and you will see there has been an administrative screw up.

Yes I am but don’t send it until I get home which won’t be until November 1st.

Paul your name was included in the pilot project group. Here is a copy of some of the correspondence records.

Your last note seems to confirm your location which corresponds with our records. The offer still stands in participating in the TIPR in the future.

Fwiw the fee associated with the next group will most likely be…


Initial application, including background review and one Test Inspection (CAHPI-affiliated member) $500

Initial application, including background review and one Test Inspection (other association) **$1,100

Certainly an overwhelming number of Nachi members are seeking certification or have been accepted in the first lot. Hmmm. :wink:


Makes one wonder where our tax dollars went to fund this.

Mmmm I guess a audit would be out of the question eh!

Who did you say they are accountable to?

Our governmnt has to STOP THIS NOW!

What rules did you say they are following?

5,000 inspectors(according to you know who) times $1,100
is equal to $5,500,000 WOW WOW WOW I guess they won’t need our tax dollars after that.

$5,500,000 better then playing the lottery!

I am still waiting for OAHI a signatory to CAHPI to get its act together and play by the rules.

I took my money back.
I feel that there is no way I want a secret society handling my money.
This has gone on for many years and still questions are not answered.
The gee you can trust me no longer influences this Home Inspector .
These are the Leaders who do not have the courtesy to acknowledge that
NACHI has offered them a free booth at the NACHI conference .
These are the same leaders who do not tell the CAHPI Members that they
Can attend the NACHI conference at the same price as NACHI members .
These are the same leaders who do not have the courage to stand up to their President
and ask why he does not give this information to the CAHPI members .
It is obvious to me that the secret Society and the Directors are scared $hitless
of NACHI and just do not know how to show the respect NACHI deserves .


The Invisible Man was never a lofty thinker, but a good talker. :wink:
Ditto OAHI, a closed mind set, equals a closed society.

I hear CAHPI is tight for money and are looking for renvenue sources to keep the National going.

They might be able to borrow some from OAHI .
I am led to believe they have a considerable amount in their Building fund .
This has not been reported to the membership but it continues to grow.
My how thing get more interesting all the time .
I had two phone calls yesterday on OAHI and how many no longer care or attend meetings.
Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI member

**Oh what a tangled web we weave… **

I have just heard things are not going as smooth as some would like us to think.
It looks like not all those on the inside are not happy on the National Certification .
They are getting complaints from those who have signed up on how poorly things are run.

**I guess what was said is so true Amateurs teach amateurs to be amateurs. **

I guess it will be so nice at the CAHPI Calgary Conference to hear all the clapping seals following the party lines.
Those who risk not following the party lines get ostracized and removed to the dungen.
It is happening far to regularly, many of the long time members no longer particpate, and many more have just moved on ( fed up with the BS).

**I am so glad that we have the NACHI open message Board to show all **
some of whats is going on.

It is a sin to love the darkness and deprive those who need the truth from being told.

Unfortunately it is a lot of Wolves in the Bush who are trying to run the Canadian Associations.

November 24th there will be a lot of back slapping and hand shaking telling each other what a great job we are doing ??? .

I wish the secret society all the best and hope some day they come to the front and tell all.

Roy Cooke …RHI…CHI…CMI… A happy NACHI member

I was not sure I would be able to access my email from the UK, eventually I found that I could. I would like to be included in the project, so please forward this to whomever needs to know that they can contact me on my email address (though there may be a few days delay as I do not have daily access to a computer).